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General discussion forum / Re: Antenna-rotator ??
« on: 2010-05-09, 13:39:40 »
You can use nearly any antenna rotator with the boxes, but you will need a serial rotor interface. They are not very easy to find, most manufacturers are using parallel port or usb. By far the best interface is produced in germany, see, built one of these and they are running fine. This interface supports a lot of different rotators, even azimuth/elevation models are supported, documentation and support by the manufacturer are outstanding.

73 de Mark, HB9AZT

General discussion forum / Re: Motorola
« on: 2010-05-08, 12:36:32 »
I think this wasn't a problem of the remoterig boxes. I had some of them running in a permanent link over weeks, no interruptions, no fadeouts of connection. Most of the problems are caused by the internet itself or access-gear like modems or routers. Nevertheless I would never suggest to base emergency relevant communications on internet-links only. They are to much dependable of an undamaged and running public infrastructure eg. electricity, wiring, internet providers and net load could also be a problem in emergency situations.

73 de Mark, HB9AZT

Perhaps you know already that the newer series of the kenwood tm-d700 rig (dual band mobile set) offers hardware and software compatibility to the ts2000, so you can use TS2000-Settings to command a tm-d700 via front panel. RC2000 and front panel of the tm-d700 are exchangeable (newer firmware versions). 

73 de Mark, HB9AZT

Hello Mike

For the next release of the webswitch-firmware my proposal:

one ore two relays should be definable as pulse switchers with configurable switching time. This is necessary for some applications where you have to simulate a pulse switching, e.g. switch on and of an acom linear amplifier or to trigger an antenna tuner.

Any chance to get this feature in the next release?

There is temperatur input at the web switch. Is it also possible to use that input for detecting an external voltage eg. 12V to check the status of an external voltage?

73 de Mark, HB9AZT

Did you check disconnecting the mic-cable or the rs-232-cable alternating- any influence on the problem? There could be two reasons:

1. some of the TX/RX are switching to transmit-mode when some pins of the rs-232-interface are going high or low, on some of them you can stop that function in the menu-settings.

2. unwanted PTT-activation is done via mic-cable, this could be a soft- or hardware-issue of the box.

Hope this will help!

73 de Mark, HB9AZT 

General discussion forum / Re: TS-480 ver IC-706 Or??
« on: 2010-02-27, 22:03:24 »
Hi Tim

TS-480-Panel is working fine with the remoterig-boxes. Panel and CAT can be used at the same time, I did that with the W4MQ-Softare and the W4MQ-IRB-Tools, but never tried it with the boxes, it should be possible anyway. Setup and cabling with the boxes and a TS480 is very easy and the remote panel is very handy with its big knob and the built in speaker.

73 de Mark, HB9AZT

Unfortunately, this configuration will not work. The EA4TX-Interface is one of the best you can buy, but they are still using the parallel-printer port of the pc, no rs232 available.

73 de Mark, HB9AZT

General discussion forum / Re: USB-Interface stopped to work
« on: 2010-01-27, 23:41:30 »
Hello Manfred

Same Problem here with a kenwood configured markI-model, tried with several firmware-versions and on various pc, but no success - very strange and did not find any solution yet...

I also found that the sip connects, but no panel control of my ts2000 or 480.

Probably a hardware issue!

Did you find any solution in the meantime?

73 de Mark, HB9AZT

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