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Konfiguration av RRC 1258 / Re: IC-E2820 PTT Problem
« on: 2019-04-09, 09:33:32 »
brukar aldrig var nått problem det där, JMP 5 skall sitta på plats i alla applikationer utom FT-857
har du nån bild från den andra burken ?


General discussion forum / Re: RRC DynDns Result "not found"
« on: 2019-04-03, 08:17:36 »
You have probably set the DNS IP wrong, if you look att the status page in the Radio-RRC it will show that. You can always use google DNS if you don't know your own'

73 de mike

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: problems with the set up
« on: 2019-04-02, 18:56:28 »
The most common thing beginners forget is to change the SIP contact setting in the Control-RRC when they change the Radio-RRC IP-address. When having both on the same LAN you should enter the IP-address of the Radio-RRC there.

If you don't make it email me exported settings(html) files

73 de mike

What is the difference beween using a program or the webinterface for manual control ? You can use your ordinary webrowser to browse the Antenna switch, you will see the sceen with the band switches. The main idea with the Antenna switch is of course to automatically follow band switching in a Remoterig system so you can do like you say to get automatic switching. A Radio-RRC with com2 connected via a USB to serial converter to the flex.

73 de mike

Konfiguration av RRC 1258 / Re: DDNS
« on: 2019-03-20, 22:20:35 »
Det är ingen bugg, det finns en RFC som beskriver hur DNS hostname får se ut och den säger att det inte får börja med en siffra. Minns inte numret på den just nu men jag har refererat till den tidigare . Trots att RFCn säger så så vet jag att andra grejer tillåter inledande siffra numera


ja om du sätter RTP tx mode till "Squelch" i radio-RRC och sen drar ner volymen eller drar åt squelchen

73 de mike

You have probably not matching Networks setting, if you don't know how  the phone is setup it's better to activate DHCP in the RRC.

73 de mike


open the box which has wrong serialnumber and check the sticker inside, send me that as PM or email

which version of setup manager have you used ?

73 de mike

General discussion forum / Re: FT 857 1258Y card
« on: 2019-02-24, 15:10:25 »
yes they replace the red wires

73 de mike

You connect the CI-V interface from Radio-RRC Com2 to the Radio-CI-V port. The CI-V interface has to be proper one with separate power supply.
Radio-RRC Com2 is set to mode 2 and a baudrate that match the radios CI-V baudrate. The setting for ICOM CI-V in the AS-1289 is quite well explained in the AS-1289 manual.

73 de mike

Hardware, Cabling, Installations / Re: Remote Rig and HRD
« on: 2019-02-07, 15:02:15 »

The FT-1000 CPU is very slow so a CAT message can be splited in several small parts, To take care of this set "char timeout" to 60 ms at the serial port settings

73 de mike

We made a test firmware for the Webswitch some month ago where you could set 115200 baud just to be used with LPA-100A. I just asked the guy who got it and he says it has worked perfect all the time. So Mitch if you have a WS-1216 with the 1216R or 1216S cable i can provide you with the firmware if you want to test. We have not released hte fw as it will probably not work if you use it with something that has a continuous load of data in 115200 but probably the LPA only send small packages of data.

73 de mike

Yes but you should also have cable K16c connected from mic/aux jack to the radio Mic jack, that's where the mic and ptt signals are routed, You can use the black 0.5m CAT cable supplied with the Remoterig set

73 de


If both units indicate PTT the only thing that can be a problem is the red straps in the radio unit ( wrong place or broken) or the cable from mic/aux to the radio.

73 de mike

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