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Android App / Webswitch 1216H android app blank screen
« on: 2020-02-11, 19:47:47 »
Have loaded Webswitch 1216H android app into new Galaxy 10 phone and enabled all permissions.  Opening app produces blank screen no action available.  Many retries and boots.  Older app works fine in Galaxy 5.

Android App / 1216H Android app pulse output problem
« on: 2016-08-13, 19:51:10 »
I have two 1216H output modules.  I am using android app for backup.  1216H with hardware version 2 works with pulse outputs.  Second unit with hardware version 3 does not.  I have tried firmware 4.20 and 4.23.  Pulse works in both from web app.  Direct contact on/off works in android app.

I am now OK.  In testing I had just booted and it took 5 minutes to detect missing ping.  I wrongly assumed that was wait period for first failure.

Thanks,  N9RC

Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Faster missing Ping action
« on: 2016-07-30, 02:31:51 »
The configuration for "Ping action delay" does not allow times less than 300 seconds.  Is there a way to enter a smaller delay?


I am sorry I did the setup six months ago and may not remember the sequence correctly but I now see user name and password in the IP settings in the LAN setup access. 

All is well.  Thanks.

There was a way I used to access the 1216H application "directly" with the USB port and the web application was run.  This is how I originally entered user name and password.  There must have been software I used at the time that I no longer have or I am not seeing this feature in setup.

Yes, that is the pull down. 

Not sure what is going on with the router, but it works fine now.  I can access through the local LAN via setup OK also. 

Should I be able to access the application through USB only?

Thanks for the help.

LAN OK now.   I checked DHCP on setup tab.  My LAN IP changed and it works OK.  Still no USB application connect?

All the setup functions work and appears to "see" the device on the network.  I am not sure that I need the serial port tab or a virtual address.  My concern was the physical port does not appear n the pull down window. My problem is that I cannot get into the application piece in USB or on local LAN.  I had this all working back in May.  The device was configured then with user and password etc. and worked OK with internet access.  It has been sitting since then.  I have tried different versions of firmware and setup and trieda Windows 7 computer. 

I am running v 1.28 Setup.  I can upload firmware and setup IP.  Setup does not allow setting correct serial port in W7 or W10.  I cannot access the detail 1216 operating info via USB.

Configuration, Webswitch 1216H / Webswitch 1216H LAN access
« on: 2015-12-04, 07:56:23 »
I had the 1216H running fine 6 months ago.  I have reactivated the project after a disc crash with a new router and Windows 10.  Setup seems to run OK.  I uploaded firmware 4.23 and configured the new router port and address.  Ethernet light is blinking on 1216 and router sees 10 MB connection but no identification info.  I also do not see the 1216 on W10 network and cannot access the 1216 through its local network address(or through internet.)  As a side note it seems like there was a program to access via USB. Is this still available?  The configure serial window in setup does not have correct comm ports available. 

Problem solved.  I changed my internet modem to a "bridge" type.  Configuration is easy now. :>)

I am now focused on my Westell 6100 DSL modem.  It apparently is combination modem and basic router with port forwarding control.  I believe my outside access is being stopped there.  Will be talking to my ISP.  Has anyone had similar issue?

DMZ same result.  I will try a different router later today.  For failed test I used "find ip" to find  my public IP address.  Added colon 85 for port and entered in browser.  I have tripled checked setup.    I assume I don't have to use ddns for addressing?

I switched to port 85.  Same result.  OK local LAN, no connection through router.  I am typing in my public IP address.
50.X.XXX.XXX:85 and that always times out.  If I type OK

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