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Hello Mitch,

do you have a description for that?

Best regards,



switching over to ddns from LAN I do not get any connection to my ICOM7100. It seems to be that everything is ok and my I-Net provider (same one on both sides - even router model) does support true IP adresses I cannot get connection to my Transceiver.

Name   Value
P5.4   OFF
Radio   OFF
Connection status   Disconnected
SIP status   Unknown(1)
Last SIP error   SIP Error
RTP/UDP audio status   Disconnected
UDP cmd status   Disconnected
SIP command timeout   3
Rx Jitter buffer size   4
Rx Jitter delay   3
Dual Rx   0
SIP Out port   13000
SIP In port   13000
Audio Out port   0
Audio In port   0
Command Out port   0
Command In port   13002
External SIP In port   13000
External Audio In port   13001
External Cmd In port   13002
Other party   (IP Address)
Input 0   High
Input 1   High
Input 2   High
Output 0   Low
Output 1   Low
Output 2   Low
DNS status   OK, = (IP Adress)
Active profile   Default
PTT status   OFF
Common network settings   No
System messages   No

The 1258MKII (Firmware 2.91.) was working fine on proper LAN connection.

HELP needed :D

Best regards,


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