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Hello all!

 First of all thank's for these perfect remoterig products, already 4 year experience with minor problems.. However, now my ISP complaining that the reason why my radio station Internet connection "drop down" time after time seems to be my configured Tellwell wifi router for radio.. I'm still waiting report from ISP why do they think so but, are you able to provide me pre- configured switch or router, this I ask because my next visit in Scandinavia will be so shot that unfortunately I have to minimize the time spend on my radio station...

Hi! I am new user and just build up my first setup for my Kenwood TM-D710 dualbander with remoterig solution. I have tested my application by localy in my home network and communication work more or less well (some power feeding issue for panel, still not solved) and now it is time to switch my system to use Dns server.
 I have Buffalo bridge between RRC and ISP interfacel. I have generate my DNS web-address in radio RRC web-settings page dyn-dns settings and he gave me something + username and password. What I understand, the RRC device should immediately take contact to remoterig DNS server, right? However I am not able to connect there, and status page also not show any connection with the server.
 I testing also that I set parameters for Control RRC unit (I think) correctly but for me it seem's that first of all I should have some kind of connection with DNS server from my radio RRC and then I can remove my Control RRC to other QTH and try test connection via web.
 I set IP address for radio RRC to correspond with ISP IP world (checked by ipconfig) also default gateway I check with ipconfig and I set it for RRC. Also my bridge IP is set to the same IP-area so I can't understand what could be the problem. Could it be that your server does not know my address, or could it be that ISP somehow block my port's? I assume that I need some ports also when communicate from RRC to server, right? I have no idea if ports are open or not, I have already forced my 23 port to 2300 and 80 port to 8000, 5060 is also 5061 now...
 So, I hope that I can first take connection from radio RRC to DNS server, maybe also ping my radio RRC by my laptop and then I can start move my control RRC to another location and start fighting with that.. Could you please help me out of this matter?


teemu OH6KNW  ??? ???

Hi there! I am new user for remoterig stuff and just try configure my first setup. At the moment process is to check radio function in my home network first.
 I make my firs QSO:s already and very first everything look's good but after some while, my front panel lose power, radio was still ON an I was able to continue my QSO (without panel), I got audio for speaker, PTT working well and so on, panel stayed OFF and after some minutes also radio turn off..
 I have orginal power supply for remoterig so I hope that problem is not too less power. Interconnection cables between control-RRC > panel and radio RRC > Radio should be ok.
 So my question is, what can explain that I am able to start my remote station with Panel ON and after some time it dropp OFF? If panel drop off and I switch radio power off forced by manual, I can start my redio / power ON again (from panel button) but panel lights not come up... Help me..


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