Author Topic: Microbit DynDNS not updating? and many other problems  (Read 2212 times)


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Hi All

Im having lots of problems getting my system to work, I currently have no access to internet other than my 3G dongle and home internet.
I have been unable to get the RRC to connect from 3G. the orange light on the control RRC flashes and i get the error tone.

Everthing within my LAN is ok.

Ive checked and my IP is not updating? ive set the radio RRC to 10mins and restarted the box but nothing so far. do these accounts lockout like dyndns does?

I am able to access the Radio RRC Web server using 3G but am unable to turn on my IC706, ive been manually entering my routers external IP address to do this, as the external IP is no longer updating as above.

I also have a few other questions, Please bear with me as i am no networking expert.

I am able to use to see if the ports on my router are open.
I can see port 90 ( webserver ) as open but none of the others, should i be able to see the UDP ports open?

Am i missing something obvious? Im using for my 3G connection.

Not having another network to try and test from is not helping troubleshooting.



Jan (Microbit)

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Re: Microbit DynDNS not updating? and many other problems
« Reply #1 on: 2012-06-11, 10:18:00 »
Start with checking the radio RRC status page lines "Dynamic DNS status" and "DNS status". Both of them should be "OK" in order for the Dynamic DNS to work. If "DNS status" is something else than OK then you need to check the DNS server setting.
Always include type of hard/software and version when asking for support.