Author Topic: PC Remote Control Application: Can RemoteRig be used to talk on Radio LAN?  (Read 1412 times)


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Remotely controlling an FT1000MP, using N1MM contest logging software. The FT1000 is one of three at the station (K4VV) and N1MM software is used for multi-op efforts to both network the computers together and to support rotator control without having each PC have a hard wired connection to every rotor.

That is done using N1MM feature that allows each PC to talk to each other over the shack LAN - each copy of N1MM has a .ini file with the local IP addresses to make this work.

Example: N1MM on control end wants to send packets to PC on radio LAN  to turn rotor. If I just put the radio LAN IP addresses in the N1MM .ini file now, the control side PC running N1MM will just send on the control side LAN, not the radio side LAN.

So, the question: if there a configuration of RemoteRig that enable software on the control side (N1MM) talk on the radio-side LAN? I know that works with Com ports, but can it handle this scenario? Or, anyone doing this with N1MM configuration?

Thanks, John K3TN