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« on: 2015-12-15, 17:07:05 »
My RRC-1258 MkII(s) and K3-Twins have exhibited periodic, but now 100% of the time going into TERM Mode when first turning power on.  Stays in this mode until powering down and powering back up at which point it goes into TERM mode momentarily before displaying the banner in the VFO B window and operating as it should.

How can we resolve this issue of going into TERM mode.

73 Chet VE3CFK


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Re: TERM Mode
« Reply #1 on: 2015-12-15, 22:52:25 »
Hi TERM mode is the mode the Control-K3 is set to when using K3-twin setup. If the Control-RRC is connected it will send the TERM command to the K3. So if you do not want to have it TERM mode, disconnect the RRC.

73 de mike