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Stuttering audio
« on: 2017-04-16, 01:11:12 »
I am on ver 2.90 of my RemoteRig 1258Mk2S. The audio stutters very badly. I have tried everything that I could find in the forum. My local network runs at 60Mbps down and 5Mbps up. The remote network is 150Mbps up and down. I have gone from one extreme to the other with advanced settings and none of it seems to make a difference. The connection starts out fine and after about 60 seconds starts stuttering. I am getting about 25 to 65ms ICPM. The remote unit is a static IP in in the wild.
There are rare occasions that it will run perfectly for hours on end without stuttering which leads me to believe that the network and routers are configured properly.
I am an IP manager and have resources to perform any test you might suggest.
Any assistance would be appreciated.


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Re: Stuttering audio
« Reply #1 on: 2017-04-16, 06:32:47 »
It could be caused by a number of things, but none of them are caused by the RemoteRig. You need to focus
on the routers and other network components. I have had to replace routers due to this problem, but other
things could cause it, such as packet prioritization, bad switches, firewall settings, etc. It is best to first try
using the control RRC from another location to see if the problem stays the same or not. If it works somewhere
else ok, then you can assume the problem is at the normal control location, otherwise you will know it is at the
radio site.

Also try running the RemoteRig system on a lower audio quality setting to reduce bandwidth, as well as
increasing packet size to at least 20. I run my systems at the 0 setting with excellent quality for SSB and

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


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Re: Stuttering audio
« Reply #2 on: 2017-05-18, 03:57:43 »
I have seen this phenomenon also. I think it is due to a large amount of data traffic on your network. I am running my RRC over a small datalink that is shared with a remote user and when traffic on the network is high, the stuttering is heard. I agree with Mitch, you need to examine your network components, especially any routers in the network. Is it possible that there is another user on your network that is using large amounts of data? Is your wifi password secure?

//Dave WB7ELY


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Re: Stuttering audio
« Reply #3 on: 2017-05-18, 14:18:45 »
It seems to be a network problem, look for packet loss somewhere. If a large amount of data traffic on the network at either the control or the remote end is the problem this can be overcome by reserving bandwith (QoS) in the routers. A history of ping times and packet loss can be made see You might try pinging with a large packet size, in pingplotter Edit>Options>Packet. At both ends ping your default gateway to check the local network and then ping something stable on the internet like to check each of the WAN connections. 

If Wifi is used at either end the RF channel might have QRM from something like TV streaming or other Wifi routers on same or nearby channels. A move to 5 GHz might help.

Btw PingPlotter Standard Trial version 3.41.0s works after the trial period has elapsed by waiting 10 sec and clicking "Do it later". The current trial version does not have this "feature".

73, Palle, OZ1RH.
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