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TS-480 VOX



My setup
Win 10
TS 480
RRC with latest firmware

With a mic and PTT everything works.
With a mic and VOX, it doesn't.

If I hook the radio control head directly to the radio without remote rig, VOX works as it should.
WiTh the rig remoted, no go.

I've checked all jumpers. I've tried two different radios as well as two different control and radio boxes.

What am I missing???

Thanks, Ray

See page 64 in the Users Manual:

RTP Tx Mode Control-RRC:
If VOX will be used switch on this function. It means that the audio stream is sent continuously from the Control-RRC to the Radio-RRC.

73, Palle, OZ1RH.

problem totally solved!

Thanks Palle for excellent support

73, Ray


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