Author Topic: WifI board failed after 5 mos..warranty??  (Read 468 times)


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WifI board failed after 5 mos..warranty??
« on: 2017-12-13, 16:43:04 »
WiFi board was installed in my 1258 Control RRC and worked fine for 5 months. Then went intermittent and now shows "not installed" on the control RRC status page. Unplugged it and replugged it several times. -no change- I do not have another contol RRC to try it in. Located the original invoice from HRO dated last May and called them. They said cannot help you. "Please work with the manufacturer". Sent a note of Mikael at Microbit and he said to call HRO. So I am caught in the middle here. Each company says the other one should replace the defective WiFi board. Any comments /ideas from the forum? Or should I just "bite the bullet" and buy another WiFi board...?
De Dave
//Dave WB7ELY


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Re: WifI board failed after 5 mos..warranty??
« Reply #1 on: 2017-12-13, 18:37:53 »
I have sent you a personal email.

Standard procedure is that the loacal distributor takes care of the Warranty. That's how this should have been handled also, the person you talked to did not have the correct information. I can also think that he meant that you should contact me so we can help you to find out if some thing can be done without replacing the hardware. Many problems are just a matter of settings

73 de mike