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the next easy question i hope one radio two controls?


 have my  kenwood st2000 working great and i can run it mobile using my sprint phone's hot spot  when driving  now i want to be lazy and build a 2nd control  for home use  i have a rc-2000  head and a tm-d700 head and they both work i swapped them to test them so any tricks to having them both connect up? i know i can only use one at a time . i figure i will have to turn the power off to the unit not in use  thanks for your input before i order the 2nd control box     mike n8obu


I mam sure not if I understand your question, but I will try:

You can run an unlimited number of remote RRC's with control panels, just always one at a time. You need to power
one off before powering on the next one. Does that answer your question?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

ok i configured them the same and both work well , i was just not sure if their was any changes that needed to be made now if i only had a good cell company in my area spring 3g sucks


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