Author Topic: TS480 - Strange Startup Procedure Required  (Read 1779 times)


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TS480 - Strange Startup Procedure Required
« on: 2011-01-21, 00:18:17 »

I have a new pair of RCC-1258 MKII's running Version 2.32 firmware and I have been able to make them work with my Kenwood TS480, but only by accident!  My Pair of RCC's are both on the same LAN between two buildings on my property with hard coded IP addresses.

When I first turn on the TS480 control panel, the yellow and Red lights on the RCC's AUX/MIC jack both light up, and the connection fails.  If I either press the reset switch on the back of the control RCC box, or do a software reset, for the RCC Control box, I can then start over and press the power switch on the TS480 control pannel and system starts working correctly!
I must go through this procedure each time I shut down the system to get it working again.

Do other users have this same start up problem?  Does any one have a solution for this?

Other than that, it works fine and is a great system to solve my remote problem on five acres of property.

Thanks and 73's  Ken  -  KB6KKW  from Veyo, Utah, USA