Author Topic: K3S remote setup has inccessible functions using 1258S  (Read 384 times)


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Hi, all concerned:

With much help from many sources, for which I am thankful, I now have an operational remote control system: K3/0 to remoterig 1258s in Cincinnati OH, to WAN, to remoterig 1258s, to K3S, to antenna, now installed in the site pictured on my QRZ page.

We had a long cold dark thunderstormy late session setting up the SPECTRUM-provided ARRIS router at the remote site properly.
SPECTRUM does not allow access to the router by WAN; only by LAN.
Next test will be to take a generic router to the site and see if we can set it up for WAN access.

A 40M inverted-vee dipole at 120 ft apex height does play fairly well.
Better antennas and higher power are forthcoming <grin>

I tried to program the K3S front-panel MESSAGE memories per the K3S user manual instructions, and was unsuccessful, which got me to wondering if others have found inoperative functions.

I look forward to any and all responses, tks.

Dave, N3HE
Cincinnati OHIO USA