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Rig Control Add On
« on: 2011-05-03, 21:37:59 »
To the Remote Rig Development Team:
I was wondering how difficult it would be to add a web based rig control add on to the Control RRC's web page?
This interface could be similar in every way to the Global Tuners online receiver's interface. '
In other words, get rid of the HRD component all together for those of us who don't use the rigs with the separation kits such as the TS-480/IC-706 etc? 
This would also take care of the cross platform issues. IE: my main computer is an Imac but in order to run HRD, I have to duel boot into windows or use VmWare Fusion.
It would be nice to control my rig with my Mac or windows based laptop with out having to worry about installing drivers for USB to Serial adapters and such.
Thus far overall, I'm happy with my remote rig system. I know I'm having some issues with my connection right now but its probably another piece of equipment or a simple setting.
Just a suggestion and thanks.




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Re: Rig Control Add On
« Reply #1 on: 2011-05-04, 01:06:38 »
I run HRD and Remoterig on a Virtual Machine (VMWARE FUSION)
it works fine, so you dont have to worry about Dual Boot and other things.
i suppose it would work with any Linux distro too using a Virtual Machine like VMWARE or (not tried) Virtualbox, the Virtual Machine just have to forward the USB stuff to the Guest OS.
i send you a screen shot

Uploaded with

I try to get Paxon running with Flexnet over the serial ports the TNC21s connected to the DATA port of the TS-480.
I will share my experiences if it works