Author Topic: bypassing SIP ports blocked by ISP  (Read 3312 times)


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bypassing SIP ports blocked by ISP
« on: 2011-08-12, 21:12:36 »
If you are running AT&T Uverse or your ISP is blocking SIP communications, or already have VOIP phone service and its using SIP ports on that router. I have a solution for you.  Purchase two Cisco RV042 VPN routers and place one RV042 at the remote radio side, in the DMZ IP of the router and then place the other at the control side of the radio. The RV042 will stay connected all the time and pass little traffic while the radio is off. It will even reconnect if the power goes out.  There is also a web interference on the RV042, that will allow for remote administration on the remote side. The VPN adapters are easy to configure and they use static, dynamic IP and dynamic DNS for routing. This will allow a direct connection over an encrypted VPN tunnel to the radio remote.  It's fairly easy to configure and there is a wizard that can walk you through it, if you're not familiar with networking.