Author Topic: New software for the RRC-Micro PC client released (v1.4.0)  (Read 4029 times)


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  • Added another Debug selector Gateway
  • Added selection of which Network interface to use when the PC has more than one.

  • RRCMicro Serial Driver version is now in sync with RRCMicro Client version
  • Removed control software PCC and TRX-Manager as they was only functioning in one direction. They will show up again when that problem is solved.
  • Reduced the Debugs selectors from COM1-2-3 to simply COM.
  • Reduced the need for some DLL's (RRCUtil, RRCControls, RRContants, RRCKeyer ), they are now a part of the RRCMicro.exe program.

  • The program remembers its last screen postion at start up. On some installations this seems to be a problem after installation as the program shows up at a position "Off-Screen". This behaviour has now been prevented.
  • RS-BA1 did not work properly on some systems. This has been fixed.
  • Now the 64bit version is installed where is should (C:\Program Files)
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