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Setup av app?
« on: 2013-09-21, 13:52:21 »
Finns det info om hur man sätter upp appen för att kunna fjärrstyra sin webswitch? Det är Settingstabben jag antar att ska fyllas i för att få kontakt men jag lyckas inte hitta någon info om vad som ska in på  de olika fälten, Location, Address(URL) och user

EDIT: Sorry, thought it was the swedish forum...
Are there any info about how to set up the android app to be able to controll the Webswitch? I guess its the settings tab that needs to be correctly filled in to be able to get connected but I didnt find any help file about this. What should it be in the Location, Address(URL) and user fields?

After tweaking and googling I finaly managed to get connected to my webswitch.  The Address(URL) was the IP number of the unit and the user an pw was the same as in the dynamic DNS settings.

I still have some problems thoug. When going to the Relay tab, its empty. Only the Reload button is vissible. Same thing in the Temp tab. In the Car warm up tab theres some info that change when I change the settings in the webswitch so I can se its alive. Same thing with the ACP tab, a Program 1 appeared after enabling it in the switch.

Finaly got it! I needet to name the different relays in order to be able to see them in the app. Problem solved!

Byt the way, you really should consider a step by step manual, as it is now one have to be an engineer in order to get it up and running.

Well I am happy for the time beeing. Now I only need to get it installed electrically and thats the easy part.  :)

EDIT4: Well... It doesnt work at all. It just hit me that I was on the wireless network and when I switched to to 3G network, no connection. So I still need some input on how to set this up.  :(
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Re: Setup av app?
« Reply #1 on: 2013-09-23, 09:53:29 »
Det finns även en svenskspråkig avdelning:

But let's continue in English here for the benefit of others too.

You are right in saying that there is no step-by-step guide for setting up the App. We have not made one since what have to be entered in the setup are the same things used to access the WS from a web browser.

When you are on a local network you enter the local IP of the WS, just like you have found out. When you want to access the WS from the Internet it depends on how the WS is connected to the Internet. Almost always there is a router between the WS and the Internet. You will need to find out which IP address that router has on the Internet, the easiest way is to use a Dynamic DNS service, like DynDNS or our own service( See Your router also needs to be configured so that it allows incoming connections and forwards them to the WS.

So I suggest you start by configuring the WS and the router so that you are able to browse to the WS from outside your local network. After that you have the info needed to configure the App and also knows it should work.
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Always include type of hard/software and version when asking for support.


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Re: Setup av app?
« Reply #2 on: 2013-09-23, 16:47:51 »
Thanks for that info  :)
I now know in what direction I should look.
I have the TP-Link TL-WR1043N router and computer communication is not my strong field of knowledge. But its a good opportunity to learn I guess  8)