Author Topic: KW TS 480 used with Hamradio Deluxe and Digital Master  (Read 18318 times)


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Hi All

I have used Remoterig on cw for som time and are very happy about the result here.
I want to try digi mode psk31 and rtty using Digital Master. I made some cable here for the sound
to and from radio but have not get any sound/modulation to the radio. I decode psk31 and that are working fine. When i try to transmit i can not get any modulation out. Is there something that i have totaly forgoten ?. When i select FM or AM and then select cq button i can se that i am Keying the radio. Back in ssb mode i can also se that i keying the radio but nothing is happening and loks that i dont have any modulation. Any suggestion here ?.