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Jan (Microbit):
Yes, interesting is the right word here. As I said, if routers act like that then how to use AJAX requests and not fall into the SPI trapp so to say?

I think the answer is very simple. Developer of 100 dollar routers made for "home" use have not thought much about the need for accessing them from outside, they have focused on the situtation where the user is sitting on the inside. During the years we have seen a lot of problem connected to portforwarding in some cases it didn't work at all with the firmware they where delivered with. In some cases it didn't work with portnumbers higher that 9999 etc. In most cases installing the latest firmware have solved the problem.
We have to accept the situation, we can not tell  the router developer what to do and we can not compensate for it either, that's it.

73 de mike

Jan (Microbit):
That might be one explanation. Still if the TCP/IP stack (or something else) in the PC is designed so that it increases the source port number for every request/access made then it seems more are to "blame" than the 100 dollars router manufacturers  ;)

To be more precisely:
When a TCP/IP connection is established the client side of the connection uses a port number.  Unless a client program explicitly requests a specific port number, the port number used is an ephemeral port number.  Ephemeral ports are temporary ports assigned by a machine's IP stack, and are assigned from a designated range of ports for this purpose. When the connection terminates, the ephemeral port is available for reuse, although most IP stacks won't reuse that port number until the entire pool of ephemeral ports have been used.  So, if the client program reconnects, it will be assigned a different ephemeral port number for its side of the new connection.

All-in-one "home" modems/routers are ready to use for average costumers/users without deep knowledge of Ethernet technology. Software/hardware developers are forced to deal with various needs and requierments unless they develop their stuff for certain applications with skilled and trained users. I guess a professional router with firewall or DMZ would provide a more appropriate setting of DoS attack protection.

@Mark, HB9AZT
I knew that I'm not the only user with these kind of problems ...  ;)


Jan (Microbit):
To be even more precise: As being the developer of a thing like the AJAX enabled webpage which uses Javascript to update the page I have no control over this behavior and the only thing we can do from Microbit's side is to inform our customers that SPI/etc might cause problems. At least that is how I understand it.


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