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Scan Bus A 1-wire : Invalid 1-wire code found!

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I put together 4 temp sensores on 1-wire connected to BUS-A.

When scanning for new devices i get a error message:  Invalid 1-wire code found!

how can i fix this ?

PS: When going back to my "old" setup with one temperature sensor... theres no problem the device gets registered and can measure the temperature.

Im using :

Company   : Microbit
Product   : 1216H WebSwitch
Software  : 2.3
Hardware  : 2
Bootloader: 1.10
Build     : Feb 10 2012 13:27:32
S/N       : 1939
PID       : 4
Uptime    : 87980
Max available memory = 16301 bytes


I updated firmware to newest version and Im stil getting the "Invalid 1-wire code found!" error message when scanning BUS-A

Company   : Microbit
Product   : 1216H WebSwitch
Model     : Standard 1216L-4 or older
Software  : 3.3
Hardware  : 2
Bootloader: 1.10
Build     : Jun 12 2013 12:18:31

I thought there could be only 2 temp sensores connected,
1 on BUS-A and 1 on BUS-B since they don't have a unique code
to separate them from each other.



According to the product specs :

Options    :
Inputs for up to 25 temperature sensors (single wire bus DS18B20)
2 x Digital Inputs

I read this as the web switch can handle up to 25 DS18B20 on a single wire.
Perhaps someone from Microbit can veryfy this ?


I had the same problem just the other day.
I used only one sensor.
The cause was a mistake on my part were i had attached the sensor cables to the wrong port. The solution was to just switch the cable placement.

I think you have to scan and save a device at a time. You could probably not scan and save multiple (previously never attached and scanned) sensors to the webswitch.
Try attatching them one at a time, scan then submit them. After that you attach the chain of sensors and check if you get any temperature data.

I hope this helps you.


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