Author Topic: K3/0-Mini scratchy CW audio in headphones FIXED  (Read 4494 times)


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K3/0-Mini scratchy CW audio in headphones FIXED
« on: 2014-09-02, 01:18:29 »
The problem described below was resolved by changing the Radio Audio Quality on both RemoteRig boxes from the default alaw 12kHz to Linear 16 bit 24kHz.  The improvement was truly remarkable! 

John, N3AM

I have a new K3-0/Mini (S/N 96) that has great speaker audio for both CW and SSB, but has very scratchy artifacts when listening to CW on headphones, regardless of the bandwidth setting on the K3/0-mini.  SSB is OK with the headphones.  I wonder if there is a setting in one or both RRC-1258MKII units that can clear this up.
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John, N3AM