Author Topic: PC-Client / RRC 1258 v1 hardware / Serial  (Read 3008 times)


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PC-Client / RRC 1258 v1 hardware / Serial
« on: 2010-07-28, 19:22:59 »

I am unable to setup a serial connection between my HRD or ARC480 and my TS-480
Either with PC-Client or with 2 RRC's

When using the TS-480 ther is no problem

I think I don't understand something:

I have 1 serial port in the front and 1 serial port un the back of the RRC's
Is it COM0 or COM1?

Any crossover serial cable is needed?

Thanks in advance


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Re: PC-Client / RRC 1258 v1 hardware / Serial
« Reply #1 on: 2010-07-28, 20:12:20 »

In RRC-1258 v1

Logical port Com-0 is connected to both the TTL port (RJ45) and to the D-sub on the back.
they can not be used for different things, so if the TS-480 is used with the control panel via the RRC:s the D-sub on the back are NOT possible to use for CAT.
(which they are in MkII)

Com-1 is the front D-sub

There is no com-2 in v1


So if you want both control via Control panel and via HRD you must use Com-1 in your case.
The PC to Control-RRC cable can be straight but the Radio-RRC com-1 to radio cable has to be prepared by your self it's no standard cable, don't forget to connect pin 7 and 8 togehter in the radio end d-sub.


If you don't need to control via control panel you can use the back d-sub in both ends.

Same here at control side a straight cable can be used but on radio side a special cable has to be made with 7 and 8 connected together.

73 de mike

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Re: PC-Client / RRC 1258 v1 hardware / Serial
« Reply #2 on: 2010-07-29, 21:21:18 »
Advancing step by step

Now I can control the Ts-480 via the front serial connectores. BTW, the radio-RRC cable must be crossover

It works ok between two hardware RRC's.

Now, I'm trying t connect the virtual COM1 port in PC-Client (OK regarding audio, micro, PTT) but my HRD can't access the remote 480.

Cables at the radio side are the same. So they are ok

How can diagnose what is happening?