Author Topic: antenna switch as 1289  (Read 3501 times)


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antenna switch as 1289
« on: 2015-01-27, 23:18:01 »
Hello,  I love using my remote rig with ts 480; this question may show my ignorance but so be it;  the ts 480 has two antenna connections and I use an ALS 600 amp which only has one in and one out;  therefore I run my hexbeam thru the amp and my 80 meter dipole barefoot using the ts 480 internal antenna switch;  would it work  to run the ALS 600 out to the AS 1289 and have the two antennas set up as one and two on the AS 1289;  if so would the switching still be automatic or would I have to access the setup when I want to change from the hexbeam to dipole;  I hope I am clear on this.  Thanks Phil


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Re: antenna switch as 1289
« Reply #1 on: 2015-01-28, 08:18:30 »
The AS-1289 can be setup to automatically change antenna when you change band. So your idea about the setup is just a standard setup.

Check the AS-1289 user manual about the details

73 de mike