Author Topic: Apple Airport Extreme router issues with RRC  (Read 2393 times)


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Apple Airport Extreme router issues with RRC
« on: 2015-04-16, 03:01:31 »
I have had some success as well as continuing problems controlling my remote K3 from my K30. The problem currently is that my remote K3 will turn on but the K30 dose not gain full control of the K3, and the the K3 at the remote location locks up and I must cycle the power at the remote RRC to be able to turn the K3 off and then on again.

Tech support at Elecraft thinks that this may be due to some Apple router compatibility issues. I have in the past been able to control my remote K3 with no issues and now i can not. Elecraft thinks the issue is UDP packet curuption on the server (Apple router) end. This may be due to the SIP ALG not being turned off. When i search the topic of SIP ALG for the Apple router, i find that there is no such function that can be changed on my router, but a reference to the NAT protocol which should be on or off?

I know there has been discussion regarding the Apple router, and I would appreciate any help resolving this issue.


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Re: Apple Airport Extreme router issues with RRC
« Reply #1 on: 2015-04-20, 20:18:56 »
This needs to be worked on using the process of elimination. My first question:
Did you get things working inside of the same network before moving offsite?

If so, then the next questions have to do with router config. Make sure:
- The three ports forwarded are set to UDP and not TCP
- SIP ALG is turned off
- Try turning the router's firewall off (using NAT and personal firewalls makes this redundant)

To answer your question about NAT: leave it ON!

If you still don't get this working, I can take a look using Teamviewer if you want.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX