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My new RRC's and app are working nicely with the 7100. Thanks for a great product!

For the 7100 my Nano wish list would be;

Tune button operation
Access to memories for repeater operation
Power settings

....and bluetooth headeset please.

For the RRC control it would be nice if the profiles could be linked to a particular network so manual switching was not required. A minor thing, but this would make portable operation seamless.


Vancouver BC

I was curious about the profile option - I'm not sure I understand what you're requesting?  A local network profile vs outside your firewall?  Multiple users with HF/VHF preferences?

Just curious...

73 de K8OI

I use the system at home and take it away with me remote. My 7100 display is always connected through the Remoterig.

I have to use two separate profiles for this. One profile when the control is on my LAN with an IP on the home network,  and a different profile when logging in from outside my home network.

I have to manually switch between the two profiles. What I'm requesting is that the system would link my home profile to my home network so it would switch the profile automatically. Anything outside my home network could be linked to the second profile.

Switching profiles when taking the system remote is the only user input required, but I find it a hassle since I am home and away remote several times each day.

Otherwise I am very pleased. My 7100 occasionally reboots on it's own schedule but I will hopefully work through that at some point.

Perhaps this point of discussion is better served in a different section, but you asked here so I posted here.

Agreed, we probably should relocate this thread somewhere else - BUT...

I simply use my external (public facing) IP hostname all the time.  My router handles the external name resolution and NAT redirection just fine from both my internal network and external IP's.  No changing ports (I have 2 sets of Remote Rigs running on my internal network) or hostnames.

I use DD-WRT on a Netgear router.

73 de K8OI

I've tried this and it is a no-go on my system. And, for various reasons, changing the router is not practical  on my setup.

I'm surprised I appear to be (unfortunately) the only one suggesting this feature? Perhaps other portable users just login and switch profiles without concern?

If the change to the firmware is not a difficult one, it would make the product a bit more usable for some operators.


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