Author Topic: New firmware for RRC-1258all solves Ethernet negotiation problems  (Read 19365 times)


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News in version 2.28:      

- The problem with the Ethernet type negotiations is fixed (important fix). This solves lot of trouble with  both Web page, CW-keying and PTT etc. in later versions.

- New "CAT-Server" makes it possible to connect other hardware which needs to speak to the radio via the Radio-RRC. The IP-data from control side to local COM2 and local COM1 will be intelligent mixed (in sequence)  before sent to local COM2. Data from local COM2 goes to both local COM1 and to control side COM2 via IP. Can be used for MicroHam, the WebSwitch, Power  Amplifiers etc. This function is for Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecraft only.

- Added DNS test on status page
- Added link for latest DynDNS answer make trouble shooting easier.

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