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Compression Noise
« on: 2017-01-01, 01:46:52 »
First let me thank the Remote Rig Folks for a neat application.  I had my first QSO with the Kenwood Nano application (Trial Version) today. It was impressive. 

I have placed a feature request on in the appropriate forum and will gladly purchase a license to fund further development.
I am using the Nano application with a Kenwood TS-2000.  The QSO was with hams on a repeater in my home town while I was well away from the coverage area of the repeater. Received audio was excellent. The transmitted signal reports indicated that the compression algorithm used by either the phone (Samsung S7) for the Nano app may be sufficiently aggressive that it elevates the noise between words and even syllables sufficiently to be objectionable.  I understand that the audio quality is set to 0 by default.  The report of the quality of the voice was good. Only the intervals between words/syllables were noisy. 
This problem was not noticed when using a voice quality setting of 0 with the Remote Head Control RRC/Radio RRC configuration.

Is there any way to adjust the codec used by the Nano app?

Thanks for the help