Author Topic: how to select antenna directions ?  (Read 3860 times)


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how to select antenna directions ?
« on: 2011-03-09, 10:59:55 »
I would need a solution to select with remote relays
various antennas (4 sq directions, 6 directions from a triagle etc, 8 directions, but haven't found a solution on the market.

Velleman has some pieces, but requires USB connection or a PC at radio end. I would like to have a web-like page that I can modify myself, from which I could select with mouse the wanted antenna directions, and the outputs would use relays in binary way for various selections. Microbit's web switch is not suitable, you can not change state of several relays with one click, nor are the commands published for modifications. Microham's remote stack switch works fine (RS232) with some limited configurations. And yes, you could do your own with arduino, parallax etc, but that would be quite a project. RRC's own three I/Os are fine, but I would need maybe 30 outputs.  I can not be the only one with the need for too many control signals.

Any ideas ? Joni OH2FT


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Re: how to select antenna directions ?
« Reply #1 on: 2011-03-09, 12:09:00 »
I use this device.  16 Ethernet relay, high reliability.  I use it a long time and no problem.