Author Topic: Using RRC 1258 MK2 with Spectrum Sagemcom Fast 8250 Router  (Read 1223 times)


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I have been enjoying the use of my RRC 1258 setup for the past three years. The system has worked wonderfully however there was recently an equipment change at the radio side of the link.  A Sagemcom FAST 8250 router is now installed with the service provider being Spectrum (as before).  As a side note, the remote side and the radio side are both on the Spectrum ISP network. The remote side is still using an older Spectrum provided router.

The problem is that I cannot access the New router through the LAN, Spectrum as far as I can tell makes you use their mobile app to make changes to the router and they will not let you change ports for devices not listed.  In this case tech support is telling me that I cannot open ports for the Rig Remote box because it is not on their list of approved equipment.  I am looking for a reply from someone who has either encountered this situation with Spectrum and specifically the Sagemcom FAST8250 router.  Are there any workarounds to get into the Sagecom router to open/configure ports?  Any other workarounds that you can think of? 

It would also be possible to consider buying a cable modem/router that would allow me access to configuration info.  Is anyone doing this with Spectrum while using the RRC 1258 boxes?

Thank you...

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Re: Using RRC 1258 MK2 with Spectrum Sagemcom Fast 8250 Router
« Reply #1 on: 2021-08-01, 21:19:34 »

If Spectrum allows you to use your own router, then I would buy one and give theirs back. Any one one  the market will meet your needs.

Some providers like Comcast/Xfinity even charge you a monthly rental fee for the junk router and you save that by buying your own.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX