Author Topic: Web connection to radio end RRC-1258 MKII disconnecting  (Read 3014 times)


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Hello Mitch/Mike
Linksys WRT-3200ACM router, TS-480, Ubiquiti WiFi link to roof, SteppIR vertical
I have been living with this forever but I suspect there is a solution. Everything is normal but I frequently lose access to the remote box via the web link. I also run the RC-1216H on the same network to control a SteppIR antenna and it is flawless. I never lose connection with it (it runs on web server port 8000). From some thread I saw that Mitch has a checklist for setup which maybe includes a specific port for the remote RRC box. Currently there is no designation of the port on the RRC box...just the IP address Today the TS-480 will connect but I don't have access to the RRC box. If I go up to the roof and reboot the RRC I regain access for some period of time. Usually when I can't access the RRC remote the TS-480 won't connect either.
Regards, Dave VE7VR