Author Topic: RC-1216H RT-21 not initializing  (Read 2879 times)


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RC-1216H RT-21 not initializing
« on: 2022-08-28, 14:09:04 »
I have a RC-1216H that was used for amplifier web access and now I am trying to use it to access a Green Heron RT-21.  I am using SW release 4.27 and configured the 1216H with the MicroBit Managar and can access the WEB page.  In “Advance Settings” I set <Function type> to Green Heron RT-21” and <enable external help pages> to “Yes”.

On the 1216H’s RT-21 WEB page, when I click the “Power” button it activates the switch (which I need) and reports “Initialization in progress…” then “Rotator not initialized!”  The cable is the same one I use for local control.

Does anyone have some advice?

Art – VE3CT / W1AJT