Author Topic: RRC-1258MKII & IC706 FIRST VERSION  (Read 188 times)


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« on: 2024-03-10, 21:24:45 »
Hello everybody and thanks for reading.

I,ve got a pair of RRC1258 MKII, Firmware 2.95 and I'm trying to work them with an old IC706 (first version, HF and VHF 10W).

Both are on same network 192.168.1.x (x=227 for Control Unit and x=228 for Radio Unit)

Radio settings are set as in manual page 116 (Program mode is 2 - IC-7100,IC706,IC703)

I've set strips and jumper as wrote in manual (page 115), with "SIP contact" on Control Unit set to, so pointing at Radio Unit


- No "Connect Button" on Status menu in Control Unit, so I can't connect the two units (red and amber led on both AUX/MIC are OFF)

- If I change in Control Unit/Radio settings from 2 - IC-7100,IC706,IC703 to whatever else (es. 4 - Yaesu,Kenwood,Elecraft), I get "Connnect Button" on Status menu in Control Unit and if I press it, then connection is finally ON (on both AUX/MIC red led is OFF and amber led is ON).

I've made several HW reset but NO WAY to get "Connect Button" on Status menu with Control Unit/Radio settings = 2 - IC-7100,IC706,IC703

Any idea ?

IK2GWH - Paul