Author Topic: CAT5 Patch cables, USB, or Both?  (Read 16533 times)


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CAT5 Patch cables, USB, or Both?
« on: 2011-06-24, 22:10:21 »

I am a new member of the forum and a new owner of the RRC 1258 system.  I am attempting to set things up and trying to follow the "step by step system setup" instructions on page 9.

I am confused by steps 3 and 4.  They read as follows:


3. Connect both units with CAT5 patch cables to the same Ethernet switch or router as
your PC which you will use to setup the system is connected.

4. Download the Microbit Setup Manager and the latest firmware from to your PC. Follow the instructions about how to install the
Microbit Setup Manager (see chapter Configuration with Microbit Setup Manager).


In step four, “Configuration with Microbit Setup Manager” is a link which takes you to instructions that begin on page 23.  These instructions tell you to hook up a USB cable.

Am I supposed to hook up the CAT5 patch cables as instructed in step 3 or the USB cable mentioned in the link from step 4?  Or am I supposed to use both?

Clarification would be greatly appreciated. 

Many thanks & 73

Hal W1NN
Medina, Ohio USA


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Re: CAT5 Patch cables, USB, or Both?
« Reply #1 on: 2011-06-24, 23:01:56 »
You will need both.  The CAT5 cables will allow the units to connect to each other once they are configured.  The USB cable will be switched from one unit to the other as you set them up using the Setup Manager utility.

You could actually just connect one unit at a time to the router and the USB connection for setup purposes but if you have then both on the router you can save some time when testing your results.  They will eventually both need to be on the router for in house testing.

Remember not to use your DNS address while on your home network.  You will need to use the IP of the Radio unit,which should not use DHCP, to connect from the Control Unit.

Hope everything goes smoothly for you.

73 de Walt, W6SA