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Connecting I/O ports without a radio


I've been trying to configure the I/O ports to key a relay on the Radio end.  I'm doing this on the bench without a radio.  The two RRC units are connected via ethernet on a 'switch' with appropriate IPs so that I can access both boxes for configuration.  That said, whenever I ground the appropriate pin on the 'control' end nothing happens on the 'radio' end.  I've checked voltages on the pinouts and everything is per the manual.  I suspect that the 'control' box needs to establish a relationship with the 'radio' box in some manner.  I can't use the radio head 'on/off' switch since the radio is deployed elsewhere.  How can I cause the 'control' box to 'call' the 'radio' box without having my TS-480 attached?  The TS-480 is in use elsewhere and is using another set of RRCs.  This project is the prototype to be used with the already functioning TS-480. 

I really enjoy the remote operation that this system provides.  The remote operation solved a huge problem for our agency.

Any enlightenment would be truly appreciated.


Jan (Microbit):
Yes, for I/O to be transferred the two units need to be "connected". If you use for ex. program mode 4 then there is a Connect-button on the status page.

Terrific!  I'll try it.  Thanks much.


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