Author Topic: Newbie question... pse don't shoot. RRC1258MkIIs arriving this week!!!  (Read 3036 times)


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Hello to all. 
     I will have the RRC1258MkIIs arriving this week.  I will be useing it with a Kenwood TS-2000X.  I have been reading the
PDF manual and I get a little confused at times in the set up proceedures.
     Can someone direct me to a thread that will help me with the TS-2000 setup?  I do not want to reinvent the wheel, but I
am willing to learn.
     It also looks like I am going to need a differnt type of microphone with the modular plug.  Any suggestions on a good mic?

     Any and all help would be great to get through this process.

     I have also ordered the Kenwood RC-2000 remote head for the TS-2000X and will be implementing it into the project.

     I need some been there done that comments that are not documented, and a list of accessories that I will need to finish
the setup and get it on the air.  I am not afraid of making cables up, just want to know the best proceedures and material and sources of material.

Sorry for the long post of help!
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