WEB-Switch 1216E - Installation av tempsensors


If you want to use WEB-Switch 1216E as a remote temp sensor or as a temp controller you have to connect one or two temp sensors to the WEB-Switch. They should be Dallas DS18B20. To make the connecton easier you may solder a 2+2 or 4 pole socket to the PCB (see picture). The sockets can be bougt from  ELFA art no. 48-450-53.

The temp sensors looks like small transistors in a TO92 case. These should be connected according to the picture below . Data sheets for the DS18B20 is available here=>.


On the Change data tab you should do some initial settings. Function type sets if Relay 1 should be manually controled by the web =0 ( or just for temp reading) , 1= Temp controller. Cycle sets how long the total control cycle is, in slow systems like a house you can use 20 min, in a small housing a shorter time will work better. If the Cycle time is set to 0 there will be a test function where the cycle time is only 20 sec. The 0 setting can also be used if you just want to read the temp. The readings is the updated every 20 s.

The temp control  works in the way that depending on the difference between current temp and the temp setting Relay 1 is active different part of the cycle time. Eg. if the difference is small the relay is active a short period of the cycle time and if the difference is big the relay is active a longer period of the cycle time or continously. The functionallity is copied from common available room temp controllers.

Common info is available on the  WEB-Switch 1216E