Preparation of IC-706 or IC-703 for remote control

All necessary signals between the panel and the radio is connected thru the 8 wires in the cable OPC-581 from ICOM. We just need  to cut it apart and connect a RRC-1258 in each end. The following signals is represented in the cable:

1. 8V power to control panel ( only when Radio is ON)
2. LRXD - serial data 19200 bps from panel to Radio
3. AF - Audio to speaker.
4. PWK - Power control. grounding it switch on the radio.
5. MICE - Mic ground
6. MIC- Mic Signal
7. GND
8. LTXD - serial data 19200 bps from radio to panel

Attention! the numbering above is for the RJ45 connector to RRC-1258 after converting the cable (Not the ICOM connector)

The most complicated work before you can start the Remote control is to cut the cable (OPC-581or OPC-587) and join it together with the RJ-45 patch cable. The problem is that the ICOM cable is very soft and there is more sewing tread than copper wire. The copper wire is also varnished to make it even more difficult. But don't be afraid it is possible.

The easiest way is to cut a standard CAT-5 patch cable for computer networks and join them together with shrinking tubes. See detail information below.

Before you connect them to the RRC:s, please check the cables by connecting them together with the 2xRJ45 connector. If it works the, then the chance is good that it will work with the RRC:s also. Be aware of that the RRC:s is different, connect the cable to the corresponding  RRC.

Instructions and pictures from the preparation of the cables here =>

Drawing is available here =>



2xRJ-45 extender

Power Supply

The RRC in the radio end should be supplied from the same power supply as the radio to avoid humming. The connector is a common DC-plug med 2.1/5.5 mm + in centre. Please put a small fuse on the cable if you connect it to a 30 Amp PS.

The RRC in the control panel end is supplied with a common 13,8 V (10-18V) power supply. The display and speaker amplifier needs lot of power so you need at least 1A or even better with 1.5 A. A switched  1.5A FRIWO Power Supply can be bought together with your RRC:s to a reasonable price.