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Sorry your right I got looking at the FT8900 mic it does send
DTMF tones on the mic line. I have to learn how to read the schematic
for the MC-59. Thanks

I think you are wrong ... How do I get tones out of the mic on a local radio
Have you looked at the MC-59 service manual ???? Can you read the schematic ???
Why would Kenwood sell a DTMF mic that does not put out tones ???? Think that is fraud ...
What I think is happening the mic is loading down the 8 volt supply for some reason.

OK now really confused ... The MC-59 is a dtmf mic
tested 2 mics on a V71 local radio and they pass tones
just fine when connected to the remoterig no tones ????????

Thanks Mike

73  Fred

General discussion forum / DTMF Tones V71 MC-59 Microphone
« on: 2018-10-23, 17:41:53 »
I have two remoterigs set ups ...  a Kenwood TMV71 and a Yaesu FT8900
On the V71 set up I can not get the DTMF tones to pass thru Control to Radio
The FT8900 set up no problem DTMF tones pass thru just fine.
These are two complete different systems.
Any ideas ????
Fred W0PE

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