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Thanks Mitch,

both RRC boxes where used before with my other Kenwood 480HX and forgot all about reading the post regarding the update kenwood done with the newest version of 480 Mic and this would cause problems.

Again many thanks Mitch


Hi Mitch,

After looking more into information regarding RFI in the Users manual I have noticed that Kenwood have changed the layout of the Mic connector during two different configurations.

Shown in the manual the newer radios are using type 1 and the older kenwood 480 Sat here is work with config type 2, after changing over to the old config it seems to have solved RFI using hand Mic and EQplus system.

Would like to thank you for kind support.


Hi Alf,

I have tried cable about 3 feet and also very long cable that runs from my Router to spare room where i have radio  located with same problem.  Also have tried wireless WiFi WNCE2001 Netgear also same problem.

Have tried hand Mic, Desk Mic and my EQplus also and still shows Rf. Radio works fine with original Mic in car and also when i just use out side antenna. I have also checked SWR and is ok this side Alf.

73s Gary

Hi Mitch,

Yes i have followed the instructions a few times now in the manual and still seem to be getting problems with feedback as i TX the Microphone.

Not sure if maybe it would be possible to send back both boxes back to Microbit for them to look at any repairs needed to solve problems i have.


73s Gary

Hi Mitch,

Regarding making sure that my monitor is turned completely off the problem is when i key up the microphone and don't speak it like sending out a signal showing the TX power signal. Also shows up feedback on, alc & proc on usb mode.

Been told that my audio is bad on each Mod but is fine when i remove radio and work from my car. This is the reason for looking for information how the Jumper's should be installed and 5 red cables from each box to try fix error here.


Hi Mitch,

Thank you for fast reply, yes i have tried this out several times with same problem here. Have removed the 5 red cables from each box and placed back to see if maybe would fix.

Looking in the Users manual to see if maybe the jumpers are located in the wrong place and causing my problem. Will keep looking to see if maybe i have them located wrong here.

Kind Regards,

General discussion forum / RRC-1258MkIIs Feedback Problems
« on: 2018-01-31, 22:41:14 »
Hello there.

Can anyone help me out, i am having problems when i key the Microphone on Kenwood 480 Sat, i have been told there is feedback from my audio with the RRC-1258MkIIs boxes.

The radio works fine without Remoterig so not sure if it could be the way the jumpers and red cables are configured in both boxes. Could anyone tell me is there i link that i can look at the way control and radio should be installed inside.


General discussion forum / Control Side Cable W2IHY
« on: 2017-10-10, 21:57:08 »
Hello there,

Can anyone help me out with any information on a cable from W2IHYís 8-band EQplus, W2IHY 8 Band Audio Equalizer to remoterig at the (CONTROL SIDE) And this would fine at the Radio side



General discussion forum / IMO Mobile WiFi device
« on: 2017-08-14, 00:28:54 »
Hello there,

can anyone help me out and tell me if I get a IMO WiFi device like and connect to Radio and the antenna side of Kenwood 480.

I have been told that it is a dynamic IP address would it then possible that I can then forward the ports as normal and use the radio over the internet to the control side.

Many Thanks

Hi there,

I purchased 2 internal WiFi cards from Microbit and antennas from the shop some time ago but just would not work when cable was removed from Router


Hello there can anyone tell me the best way to set both remote boxes so I don't need to use the Ethernet cable.   I have both the WiFi antennas from the shop but just not sure if there is a link to configure this.

Best 73's

General discussion forum / 300 Point Check List
« on: 2015-11-21, 05:37:50 »
Hello all,

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this topic but can anyone out there help me out.

I have lost the 300 Point Check List & looking for anyone that can PM me it once again.

Best 73s

General discussion forum / Re: Working Remoterig Mobile
« on: 2015-08-18, 03:34:13 »
Hello Marvin.

I have now managed to work the Control-RRC and TS-480 control unit from my car and works great from a Wi-Fi Repeater to my phone with unlimited phone service.   Would like to know if itís possible to buy another second Control-RRC and leave it on my Router at all timeís in my flat and only need to bring up the TS-480 control unit.

73 Gary

General discussion forum / Working Remoterig Mobile
« on: 2015-08-13, 12:32:45 »
Hi there,

Can anyone tell me I have Remoterig setup at my flat and works great. I but would like to know how I could set up Remoterig from Kenwood 480 in the car with a Dongle to laptop.

Has anyone done this before, I have seen many videos of Remoterig stations working in hotels with routers but none yet that I can find when working mobile station.


General discussion forum / Re: RC-1216H remote control
« on: 2015-06-30, 09:27:40 »
Hi There,

Many thanks for reply i would like to order RC-1216H remote control from the shop if needed.  I just need to know what type of Rotator and Controller box is compatible with the Kenwood 480HX without having to buy extra's

I would also like to know if I could do this without the RC-1216H like shown on the picture from the website when working my Remoterig 1258MkIIs

Many Thanks

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