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General discussion forum / Re: New Hum Problem with 2.41
« on: 2011-08-16, 18:36:18 »
It apparently continues to work. When you pull the USB cable out, the buzz goes
away and you can continue using the TS-480, albeit without CAT.

General discussion forum / Re: New Hum Problem with 2.41
« on: 2011-08-16, 18:26:47 »
Hi Jan,

I know you guys were on vacation, as I was as well, so I have been patient ;-)

1) The buzz sound the same as it did in 2.35. I can send you an MP3 if you want.
It takes about 2 minutes to start after turning the TS-480 on. I was able to only
replicate it on one remote system, as was the other user. Not sure why only this
one remote system would cause a problem, I use two more identical installations
that apparently don't buzz when connected.

2) I would also think that Windows controls the release, but indeed unplugging, etc.
does not apparently make a difference. I was able to replicate this several times and
rebooted. It has been a while and I can try again, maybe the PC was not in a good
mood at the time ;-)

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: New Hum Problem with 2.41
« on: 2011-08-16, 15:04:59 »
Is there a timing when these issues will be fixed? I would like to implement using
COM1 on USB in some installations, but need to wait until this is fixed. I had
everyone downgrade in the meantime.

Thanks & 73,
Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

My second YaesuTwin issue I would like to report is the low audio level
on the main receiver. It is really too low for me to hear weak signals, even
when using headphones and turning the AF Gain up all the way.

The second receiver is OTOH much louder and is as loud as I would expect.

I tried moving JMP-4 back and forth a couple of times, but can tell no
difference in the audio output. I left the Codec Out Gain at 255.

Any idea how I can raise the audio output level?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Since there is no separate YaesuTwin section, I am adding a couple of issues here.

I tried working split for the first time since installing my YaesuTwin with two FT-2000s.
I receive no power output, although it works just fine when not in split. Switching between
the A and B VFOs makes no difference, always full power out in simplex and no power output
in split. This occurs for both SSB and CW and across the bands. I have used the A-->B button
and made sure that everything is identical.

Any idea what is happening here?

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


Since the home router's web configuration also uses port 80, I suggest that one always
changes their RRC web port to something different and forward it. Otherwise, you will
always land at your router when you try to access your RRC. Obviously, you can change
the router's web port instead if your prefer.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: pinging using DNYDNS TOOL
« on: 2011-08-16, 09:36:25 »
Jim is correct, but I need to add one thing that has caused some people to get confused:

When you ping your DynDNS address, you land at your router. Often, the result of a ping will
be a timeout. This is because ICMP reply is often turned off by default for security reasons.

If you receive a timeout when you ping your router, you need to turn "ICMP packet reply" or
similar on. This is usually under the firewall or security settings.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX


You may have better luck posting this in the RRC-1258 section. This is the Webswitch forum.

I also use two FT-2000's in a YaesuTwin setup. A couple of minor quirks, otherwise ok.

Make sure that the two RRC's are not plugged into the same power supply. If you are using the
supplied 12v supplies, plug them into different outlets/strips. To be on the safe side, keep the
radio RRC off of the same outlet/strip from the FT-2000.

Maybe that will solve your problem. If not, I suggest you repost your question in the right area.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

There is a bug in 2.41 that causes the problem with not being able to get it to reconnect
once your restart the problem as you described, see:

You may wish to change the control RRC to 2.40 and try it again. I had to change all of our users' RRC's to get it
to work properly with USB CAT.

This may not fix your problem with HRD slowing down, but is worth a try. I don't use HRD, but understand that
the default polling rate is way too high. You may wish to change that if you can.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: Audio
« on: 2011-08-08, 22:21:13 »

Look at some older threads, e.g.:

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: RRC-MICRO, TS-480, HRD, DM780
« on: 2011-08-04, 15:36:59 »
Hi Piero,

I am neither a digi mode op, nor do I use HRD, but a couple of ideas from my side (after looking at the programs):

- You can use CAT for PTT and control DM780's PTT through HRD (settings in both programs)
- You can try using the TS-480's internal VOX (see DM780 PTT options)

Maybe someone else has tried this using the PC Client, rather than the RRC.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

I now have a portable RRC + TS-480 head in a small case that I have been using during
some vacation and portable operation. I have noticed two issues and have a suggestion
to fix them:

1) If you book your PC and RRC separately into a local network, either through Ethernet or
   wireless connections (RRC using a bridge), then sometimes the networks do not allow
   peer-to-peer communications between these two network clients for security reasons.
   This means that you not only can not access the web-based menus to change RRC
   settings, but are unable to change between your profiles for target remote stations.

2) When you are in a location with a fixed IP number, you can easily change this by using
   the Setup Manager via USB cable. Unfortunately, this also changes the RRC back to the
   "default" profile, and at that point it may not be possible to change to the correct profile
   if you have network issues like in 1) above. I noticed that in some cases, since changing
   to a fixed IP number does not allow you to set a DNS server, that this was the cause of not
   being able to reach the RRC.

Suggested fix: just add the ability to make profile changes to the Setup Manager. At the
same time, maybe you can add the ability to manually enter a DNS server address when entering
a fixed IP number.

Not critical stuff, but sure would make life easier for us traveling with RRC's and using multiple remote stations.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: dyndns password?
« on: 2011-07-28, 17:54:25 »
I really do not understand what it is you are trying to do, Bill.

How do you know that the problem is user name and password? When one of these
is incorrect, the RRC just makes a type of line unavailable noise, but there is no other
feedback of any type. You only get that type of feedback when using the browser to
access the RRC, but that has nothing to do with the TS-480 connection and the SIP
name and password, they are completely unrelated.

Please review the checklist again that I sent you, I am sure that you are missing something.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

General discussion forum / Re: dyndns password?
« on: 2011-07-28, 14:44:52 »
The DynDNS account has nothing to do with the day-to-day access to your system.

You only need to enter this one time into the radio RRC and forget it after that point.

To access your system, you enter the DynDNS address you created into the SIP
contact field, e.g., as well as the SIP password that you may
have entered into the radio RRC.

Mitch DJ0QN

General discussion forum / Re: New Hum Problem with 2.41
« on: 2011-07-25, 20:08:57 »
I have found another bug in 2.41:

The CAT on COM2 over USB is not "released" when the logging program is terminated.
For example, the program I use, TRX-manager, uses the COM2 over USB CAT with no
problem, but when I terminate the program and restart it, it can no longer access COM2.

The only way I can find to release it is to reboot the PC. 2.40 does not exhibit this
problem at all, I can terminate and restart the program as many times as I want, and it will
always use COM2 over USB without an error message.

Mitch DJ0QN / K7DX

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