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General discussion forum / New beta firmware available
« on: 2012-12-20, 16:26:52 »
There is a new version of the Webswitch's firmware (3.0) available for download HERE

It is a release containing several new features and since we are close to the holidays and we at Microbit will enjoy some time off from work I thought it is better to call it a beta release aimed at those not being scared by trying something new and maybe not getting as good support as usual  ;)

The help pages on are updated with information for version 3.0.

This is a list of changed things:

Added programmable number of temperature decimals.

Added possibility to show temperature in Fahrenheit.

Added possibility to get temperature from ""(a Swedish site). Status of the service is shown on the "System Info" page.

Increased analogue rotor page timeout to better handle slow connections.

Auto Control Programs(ACP): Removed the "light value" since it wasn't used and replaced it with the possibility to have one temperature sensor per program row, instead of one per program.

ACP: Changed the pulse relay function so if something else cancels an ongoing pulse then the program will be triggered and ready for a new pulse start at once. Pulse lengths can now also be up to 65535 seconds.

ACP: Active time and temp intervals have yellow background.

Added HTTP-REST rotor control/status commands.

Added RFC2217 remote serial client and server support. By installing Microbit Setup Manager 1.18 or newer a virtual serial port in the PC will be transferred over the Internet to the Webswitch's built-in physical serial port. Download Setup Manager HERE.   

Car Warm Up: Changed minute override setting to 0,5,10.. etc.

Delayed the SNTP requests made after restart so that slow starting networks have time to get ready.

Optmized memory use.

Changed so that help page access is not done until the "Show help" button is clicked.

Implemented automatic page refresh on the Relay, Temperature and Inputs pages.

Added possibility to disable the Antenna Control feature (on the Set Relays page)

Misc bug fixes.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you from all of us!  :D (If we survive tomorrow, hehe)

General discussion forum / Windows Phone App available
« on: 2012-11-14, 09:57:59 »
We have released a Windows Phone (7) App used to control the Webswitch 1216H.

The app supports:

Controlling the relays/Nexa switches.

Reading temperatures, humidity sensors and digital inputs.

Setting Car Warm Up overrides.

Setting Auto Control Program overrides.

(Some features require the extended Webswitch version, additional hardware and also the latest firmware version)

To find it go to Windows Phone Store(Marketplace) and search for "microbit". We have decided to make it a paid App hoping that you find it reasonable to pay for the extra features it bring to the Webswitch. There is a feature limited trial version available so that you can see if it is something useful  ;)

General discussion forum / What about this?
« on: 2011-12-09, 08:44:20 »

(Note that this isn't that much about the design as such, but more about the possibility for having a Windows Phone app too ;) )

Kontrollera att “Debug level” på “Advanced settings”-sidan är satt till “Off” om Webswitchen verkar starta om periodiskt. (“Debug level”-inställningen är borttagen fr.o.m programversion 1.23)

If the Webswitch seems to restart periodically, make sure that “Debug level” on the “Advanced settings” page is set to “Off” (“Debug level” is not available in firmware 1.23 and newer.)

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