Author Topic: TTL connector and 8V  (Read 2129 times)


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TTL connector and 8V
« on: 2010-05-05, 20:27:49 »
Hi all,
i got my RRC1268-MK2 yesterday.
I tried to measure the 8V at the 6pin TTL connector at pin 2. But there is no voltage present.
At the website there is mentioned, that the 8V are always active. Whats going wrong ????
Andreas, DL5MGD


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Re: TTL connector and 8V
« Reply #1 on: 2010-05-06, 03:13:23 »

If the 8V are there depends on which mode the RRC is set set to. If you should connect to it you probably will use TS-480 then set radio mode to TS-480 and the 8V eg 9V will be switched on

73 de mike