Author Topic: Acom 2000a with acom Director.  (Read 1920 times)


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Acom 2000a with acom Director.
« on: 2014-05-18, 12:21:37 »
Hi everybody,

I'm Chris IZ8EYP and I'm a happy owner of remoterig 1258MKII in combinations with icom ic 7100.
I use also an Acom 2000 PA and I already installed the power on kit a year ago. It woks really good locally but if I try to use like client/server mode the program crash. I was thinking at this other solutions: connect directly the Acom's rs 232 to remoterig server site , and then connect to my laptop the rs 232 of remoterig client site  (with converter rs232/usb for laptop) opening directely tha acom director on my laptop like server.
Does someone use the com virtual port of remoterig case in combination with acom 2000 PA  and power on kit?

Thank you and 73s