Author Topic: contemplating purchasing remoterig for ic706mk2 - ease of setup ??  (Read 40 times)


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I am contemplating purchasing Remote Rig to operate my ICOM IC706mk2 at my other QTH.  I am just looking for a basic no frill setup to run SSB,  my antenna will be a mutiband dipole so no need for a rotor or antenna switch.

I am planning on modifying the ICOM separation cable and I understand the instruction so that is not a problem.  Also I am planning on  using the Wifi adapters in both remote and radio units,  BUT is it easier to use the LAN port ??   I want this setup  as simple as possible

So my concern is once I getting the units working on the remote network at my current location then I move the radio side unit to my other QTH, what changes do I have to make to the remote and radio side units??  is there a "cheat sheet"  or any easy instruction ?,  I have never done this before and it seems a bit intimidating.  If there is some kind of step 1 step 2 etc cheat sheet someone has it would be appreciated.  My current location does not allow antennas so hopefully this works out

Need a fool proof setup,  QTH's are far apart so impossible to run back and forth.

thanks, Kurt W1WWA