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Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: RR and N1MM for K3 Twin setup
« on: 2016-11-30, 21:40:08 »

Many thanks for that thread.
I've now got N1MM+ playing with my RR setup.

Now all I need to do is get Digital modes working

Bruce G4ABX

Configuration, RRC 1258 / Re: RR and N1MM for K3 Twin setup
« on: 2016-11-30, 16:17:55 »
Good afternoon Peder.

No, I hadn't seen that thread (although I thought I had been through everything!)
I'll try out the recommendations this evening and report back.

Many thanks
Bruce G4ABX

Configuration, RRC 1258 / RR and N1MM for K3 Twin setup
« on: 2016-11-29, 17:03:43 »
Good afternoon all.
Bear with me, I'm still pretty new to RR operation!

I have a K3 at my 'remote' location and a K3S at my 'Control' location.
I have the system working.
I can TRX with SSB and CW using direct connections to my RR box at my 'Control' (or home) end. However for SSB I can only use VOX. PTT doesn't work for some reason?
I've worked a few 80M contests with the setup and whilst its not prefect its OK.

I also have N1MM partly working in that I can see the Remote K3 frequency and bandmap from my 'Control' station.
However, I cannot 'send' cw (or any other mode) from N1MM as I can when running my home K3S 'local' I need to use the paddle plugged into the 'Control' RR box to send CW

At present Com settings on my Control RR box are with Com1 set to "Mode 7, Cat to Com2 (remote)" and COM2 mode is set to 'Logical parallel with Com0'
Com3 mode is set to "Mode-10 Baudot RTTY'

I only see 'Com1' 'active' on my PC and that is what I selected as 'CAT' for the K3 in the N1MM configuration pane and is clearly displaying frequency and band map information.
So what do I need to do to get CW TX working from N1MM? (we'll worry about digital later!)

Has someone written 'setup' instruction for N1MM, RR boxes and K3 twins, as I'm pretty sure mine is not the first time this question has been raised?

Bruce g4ABX

General discussion forum / Re: K3 Twin 1258 Strapping PCB
« on: 2016-06-22, 14:18:02 »
Good afternoon Mike

Thanks for confirming the Strapping PCB's as identical.

When I push the PTT button and refresh the status at the control end, PTT status indicates 'ON'

The headphones (plugged into the RRC) mute, and the Mic is enabled but the K3s doesn't switch to TX. The only way I can do that is with the front panel XMIT button.

If I use the K3s in 'Normal' mode, Mic/Footswitch work fine.

I'm wondering if this is a K3 issue and nothing to do with your kit -- which I must say is now working superbly well in terms of quality both ways if I use the XMIT button on the K3s -- even on a terrible Internet connection!

Bruce G4ABX

General discussion forum / K3 Twin 1258 Strapping PCB
« on: 2016-06-22, 08:05:10 »
Good morning.

Still trying to debug my 'No PTT on SSB' issue:

Can someone tell me if the RRC supplied 'Strapping' PCB's for the Elecraft K3 twin setup are identical?
In other words, are there unique 'Control' and 'Radio' strapping PCB's?

If they are not identical, what are the differences?

Bruce G4ABX

OK Mitch

Will do.

Thanks and 73
Bruce G4ABX

Morning Mitch

As this is a Twin K3 setup, the 'strappings' are supplied as a little PCB by RemoteRig -- so I've not done any of the strapping myself, simply checked the PCB is correctly installed.

I agree. Everything should work but it doesn't! (Hence my question to this forum)


Evening Mitch -- and thanks for your input.

I'm not sure.

I firstly set up my K3s to work normally -- with PTT from the foot switch and the Mic PTT  button.  Then I connect the RRC and connect to the remote K3 (TERM mode)  but neither the Mic PTT button or the foot switch connected to the rear PTT will switch the K3s into transmit.
I have to push the front panel XMIT button to achieve this.

I also need to push the PTT button on the hand mic (connected to the RRC AUX/MIC socket) but this simply mutes the RX in my headphones and enables the MIC for TX. It doesn't put the K3s (or the remote K3 ) into Transmit until I push the front panel XMIT button.

Once I've done that, everything works fine.

Great audio and great reports -- but horribly 'clunky' and I have an SSB contest to run next Wednesday!

NO way will this setup work efficiently for me.

So again, what an I missing or doing wrong?

Bruce G4ABX

Configuration, RRC 1258 / K3 twin 1258 setup No PTT in SSB
« on: 2016-06-18, 18:29:41 »
Good evening all.

Well I'm having some success  :-)

I've got the K3s and K3 working fine on SSB (K3 is at the remote site) however, only if I use the K3s front panel XMIT switch to transmit.

The Foot pedal (on the rear Panel PTT IN of the K3s) woks fine with the K3s is used in 'NORMAL' mode but not when using it in TERM mode.

If I use the front panel XMIT switch on the K3s, everything works as it should -- and I've had some great reports on the audio quality -- despite our hopelessly slow Internet connection (200kb/s up and 500Kb/s down)

The AUX/MIC cable checks out fine -- and I have this 'lack of PTT' whether I use the stock MH2 mic or my foot switch.

So what am I doing wrong?


Bruce G4ABX

General discussion forum / Re: Bi-directional RemoteRig?
« on: 2016-01-27, 17:07:24 »
Many thanks  Mike.
Much as I suspected!

Bruce G4ABX

General discussion forum / Bi-directional RemoteRig?
« on: 2016-01-25, 21:13:21 »
Good evening all.

I guess I have a unique situation, but lets see?

I have a remote station with nice antennas and a nice amp.
I have a QRP station in the UK with a single antenna that I use for all the relevant RSGB contests on behalf of my Radio Club.

Ideally I would like to operate either station from either location.

Both locations have a K3.
Both locations have a MicroKeyer II
Remote location has an amp (SPE 1K-FA)
Remote location has a beam and computer controlled rotator (SPID)

Do I need 2 RemoteRig systems or is there a way to use them in a 'bi-directional manner (recognising I need webswitches at  both sites?

Bruce G4ABX

Many thanks for that info Mike!
That's one less decision I'll need to make.
I can always change cables when the time comes for a K3 at the User end.

Bruce G4ABX

Good afternoon.
This is my first post -- and apologies if its already been covered elsewhere, but having scoured the forum, I've not yet got a concrete answer.

Eventually, I intend to have a K3 at the User end, and the remote end, but for now it will just be a PC.
I will have a K3 at the remote end.

Do I purchase the 'dual K3' hardware etc, or do I need something different at the User End where (for now) I won't have another K3?

I clearly want to optimise my expenditure and not waste money purchasing two different 'User end' pieces of Remote Rig hardware -- one for now, and one for later when I have a K3 at both ends.


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