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This problem was solved by cisco meraki.

CGNAT, Double NAT, Closed Ports  -SOLVED-

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US ebay has a lot of "unclaimed z1's until now. Meraki Z3 is the best option right now if you will ask me. Because Z1 is in it's end of life, support for this model will be untill 2025 only. it means in 2025, z1 vpn may stop working.

Yes! My radio side is behind ISP router and another 3rd party router. My ISP router is on CGNAT and cascading it to another router becomes double NAT. Meraki punch hole (hole punching UDP) to both of them to reach the public IP.

And my control side has the same situation or when I am mobile I use the aircard 340 usb modem which is directly attached to the meraki z1.

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To those who also struggle (like me) with ISP restrictions like CGNAT, Double NAT, Closed ports, No SIP ALG. I have a solution for you. This is what I am currently using right now and it works flawlessly. It’s self healing, configure once and forget it. Move it from one ISP to another with no problem. 100% Plug and play. Meraki cloud VPN will bypass all ISP restrictions and the connection is very stable even after power outage it will connect by itself. My Radio body is in the Philippines and the control
is here with me in Dubai.

1. Buy 2 units of “UNCLAIMED” Cisco Meraki Z1 from ebay approximately 24USD each. (It should be unclaimed by the previous user otherwise it’s useless.)

2. Buy 2 3yrs Enterprise license from meraki for 60USD each.

3. Create a meraki dashboard.

4. Configure site-to-site vpn. Unlike any other VPN, meraki site-to-site vpn is using the meraki cloud instead of router to router handshake via port forwarding. It’s only 2 mouse clicks away and you are connected.

5. If you want to install it in your car (control side), then buy an “unlocked” netgear aircard 340u from ebay. (This is only one of the few usb modems that meraki Z1 is configured to work.)

Because there is very limited information on the internet, it took me 3 months to get my system running. That’s why I am happy to share this and cut future frustrations of new users like me.


DW1SPC/ Jonathan

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I would like to ask if anybody here is from the Philippines that actually made their RRC working? I think the biggest challenge I’m facing is my ISP (PLDT Home Fibr).

1. From CGNAT to DHCP - done
2. Hidden Port Forwarding Settings - working on it
3. No SIP ALG settings on the router - not possible?

I hope somebody can help.

DW1SPC 73!

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