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General discussion forum / Re: New Remoterig
« on: 2012-04-01, 06:52:09 »
well you can use such a thing with adapter mount plates (and wiring) for any other radio.
afaik remoterig is a great success, and it needs a great successor especially for mobile usage.
you could call them remoterig nano go

General discussion forum / New Remoterig
« on: 2012-03-31, 06:45:01 »
I need a small sized remoterig with micro USB connectors and software controlled wiring matrix (no jumpers anymore)
it should have a 80211n WLAN and Ethernet Connector.
Audio I/O over USB for digimodes, so you have to connect just one single Wire.
Bluetooth Pairing with Headsets, Wireless USB optional.
it should fit on the backside of the TS-480 Head Unit, if possible with an li ion accumulator.
the goal is to use the remoterig in a car with UMTS connection and unplug a simple dc connector, and use them e.g in a ham meeting (restaurant)
or something else, without a ghetto of wires and other weird things.

General discussion forum / Remoterig PTT DTR on
« on: 2011-09-21, 11:40:03 »
PTT if DTR on
someone is able to write such a virtual com port driver or is HRD deluxe able to do that task with its own virtual comport stuff?

Well the Bluetooth Device has to work as a Host device. So you can directly connect to the Radio(Remoterig) without a computer.
If you connect the Host Device to a Computer you could use it like a installed Soundcard. (for Digital Modes and SSTV)
So i get rid of tons of wires...

I am looking for a Bluetooth Audio Transceiver for a little Project.
1. Build a little Box (250x150x60) to put the RRC Control Unit into a little case with the 480 Head unit on top of it with proper batteries and the stuff described below in the case.
2. Connect the RRC Control with an Ethernet Bridge Unit (5ghz) to a existing WLAN/AP
3. Using a Bluetooth Audio Transceiver to connect the Unit to a Netbook and Bluetooth Headset
4. Using some sort of a keyfob transmitter for the PTT.

The Idea behind is using this little thing in Ham Radio Meetings (Restaurants) without tons of wires.
The Cell Phone is acting as an AP.

So someone knows where i could get a proper Bluetooth Transceiver with analogue audio I/O?


well 16bit and 8KHz gives a little bit more dynamic reserves, but its still limited to 4KHz and thats not transparent for my opinion.
according to nyquist you need at least the double bandwidtdh, but due some AD/DA DA/AD conversions you add additional quantisation noise and this could only be defeated with higher sampling frequencies e.g 24KHz for a 10KHz AM(DRM) signal.

my idea to use the RRC Micro was just the idea behind less wiring in the Audio TX/RX Path with Virtual Audio Cable, so i have less AD/DA conversions.
Another idea is a SP/DIF IN/OUT in future versions of the Remoterig Control, but the best is adding a clock accurate USB Soundmodule into the Remoterig ( e.g dr. dac nano usb soundcard has a -+5ppm tcxo)
Yes that makes it more expensive, but i would pay 100 bucks more for such features, so it should be sold separately.

just use the signalink on the remote control side, you have to get a Y box
i recommend to galvanic isolate the mic/signalink input in this breakout box with simple audio 1:1 transformers and 0.047uf cap to ground
just use a y adapter and you just need to properly re-wire the remoterig jumpers/y-box


a chance to add at least the linear codecs to the RRC Client in forseeable future?

sorry 8KHz alaw is a very poor quality  (less than 4KHz Speech Headroom) thats not suitable for DRM receiving and not even for G3RUH modulation.
so i couldnt use the RRC Micro for some digital modes.
no wonder i got very poor SNR on digital SSTV with alaw, cuz its not even a linear mode!

I dont have any selection on the RRC client on PC

I see always the codec alaw 8KHz on the Status Display.
But i selected Linear 16KHz

Name   Value
Radio   OFF
SIP status   Connected/transfering
Last SIP error   None
RTP Timeout   60
SIP Timeout   0
Rx Jitter buffer size   16
Rx Jitter delay   14
Dual Rx   0
Current audio packet size   20
Current audio quality   0 - alaw 8 kHz
SIP Out port   5060
SIP In port   5060
Audio Out port   11000
Audio In port   11000
Command Out port   12000
Command In port   12000
External SIP In port   5060
External Audio In port   11000
External Cmd In port   12000
Other party
Input 1   High
Input 2   High
Output 0   Low
Output 1   Low
Output 2   Low
DynDns status   Unknown
Ping status (watchdog)   OK [0 ms]
Active profile:   Default
PTT status:   OFF

General discussion / Garbling Noise with mic
« on: 2011-05-06, 03:19:47 »
i own a Samson C03 U, if i use them as Mic i hear some garbling noise.
on Virtual Audio cable i hear noticeable background noise
is there a way to fix that, because it seems to be a problem with the software.
on other VOIP Programs like skype or msn i dont have any garbling noise

General discussion / PTT Keying 2
« on: 2011-05-04, 01:38:37 »
Please add to the PC Client a functionality: it should read the CTS status of the Comport(s). so we can build a small interface for a external PTT (Foot Key or maybe a Ham Desktop Mic).
Maybe thats a few lines of code
you also should add a Timeout timer if someone sleeps on the mic holding PTT


General discussion / Re: Rig Control Add On
« on: 2011-05-04, 01:06:38 »
I run HRD and Remoterig on a Virtual Machine (VMWARE FUSION)
it works fine, so you dont have to worry about Dual Boot and other things.
i suppose it would work with any Linux distro too using a Virtual Machine like VMWARE or (not tried) Virtualbox, the Virtual Machine just have to forward the USB stuff to the Guest OS.
i send you a screen shot

Uploaded with

I try to get Paxon running with Flexnet over the serial ports the TNC21s connected to the DATA port of the TS-480.
I will share my experiences if it works

if its on a mountain, try using a parabolic antenna or something if you have a free fresnel zone to a city or something.
It would be much better for your friend too., because 1.2S Latency is a joke, even for Skype or VOIP its not really usable.
Just ask in a local gazette if you could share the WLAN if you cannot find one.
A friend did the same, and he found another HAM Operator in the city.

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