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General / Re: expire trial period issue
« on: 2018-03-04, 21:29:23 »
Fixed, now it works again, thank you.

73 de Steve, IW1RDZ

General / expire trial period issue
« on: 2018-03-03, 00:54:49 »

Again stopped by the expire trial period issue.

App says license 7514

I bought license fee for the android app but have this error again.

Perhaps because I changed android firmware.

It is somehow frustating...

Could you fix this?

Thank you

Best regards, Steve IW1RDZ

General discussion forum / Re: RC 2000 - 0,1KHz step
« on: 2016-01-09, 23:51:59 »
Hi, I modified an industrial encoder to work powered by 5V (I've just by-passed the 7805 internal circuit regulator) and connected to RC2000 according to Willi's suggestion.

I wanna say thanks to you Willi for your explanation; I tried a 20 pulses/rotation encoder and it is fine, perhaps it is too slow to work in fine mode, but surely better than the original RC2000 knob.

For those who look at my photos: attention that I used wires with different color compared to Willi's schema, but connections are obviously the same.

73 de Steve -IW1RDZ

General / Re: Nano not working on RRC 2.86 firmware
« on: 2015-06-18, 23:34:56 »
At the moment the connection to my radio RRC is via local wireless network or via DDNS VPN server configured on a radio site raspberry pi if I am outside my local network;  I will try to change configuration to allow you to enter, as soon as possible.
I will send a pm to you, thanks.   

General / Re: Nano not working on RRC 2.86 firmware
« on: 2015-06-12, 17:24:11 »
on 2.85:
Connection status OK
SIP status Connected/transfering
Last SIP error None
RTP status Excellent(60)
UDP cmd status OK(44)

on 2.86 during first few seconds in which I have audio on nano app but it seems neither radio control nor audio volume slide control:
Connection status OK
SIP status Connected/transfering
Last SIP error None
RTP status Excellent(59)
UDP cmd status OK(44)

on 2.86 after a few seconds from connection:
Connection status Disconnected
SIP status Error
Last SIP error SIP Error
RTP/UDP audio status Disconnected
UDP cmd status Disconnected

73, Steve

General / Nano not working on RRC 2.86 firmware
« on: 2015-06-12, 15:24:48 »
Hello to all,

I upgraded RRC firmware to 2.86 and after that nano app does not work anymore.

Nano connects to RRC but after few seconds of audio it freezes and the control hangs.

I returned to 2.85 firmware and nano is working again  8).

I'm using Samsung S3 with custom 4.3 Android version and a licensed K nano app that connects to RR-1258 MKII (version 5 HW6 sn 4131) with kenwood TS2000 serial on com2.

Any advice?

Regards, IW1RDZ - Steve

General / about frequency step and frequency input ts2000
« on: 2015-03-24, 18:21:22 »
Hi to all, I would like to point two problems with using nano and ts2000.
On nano sw, direct frequency input is limited to 6m while ts2000 goes al least to 70cm band.
Second:  over 3g network I would like to have a frequency step of 100Hz, choosable among the others ( the min is 1khz and the auto is not so good over 3g network, while over wifi is ok).

Regards , Steve

General discussion forum / Re: firmware 2.60 - ft100
« on: 2012-08-19, 11:15:18 »
ok tnx will wait, meanwhile I have to understand how upgrade to v7 my v5 and how to make radio separation cables... It seems the cable is expensive and is not available...


General discussion forum / Re: firmware 2.60 - ft100
« on: 2012-08-18, 14:25:39 »
a little "nearly monthly" up...

any news Mike?

General discussion forum / Re: FT-100 questions
« on: 2012-08-02, 17:05:20 »

think we have to wait a bit...

73, Steve

General discussion forum / Re: firmware 2.60 - ft100
« on: 2012-07-22, 18:45:42 »
Tnx fer answers,

I opened one of mine MK1258 MkII and I read on the PCB: Microbit 1258B-5 and on a label: snr4131.

I guess mine are v.5 .

So now the point is: does version 5 with firmware 2.60 support FT100?

I hope so, and wait for the manual when it will be published.

For now Mike, happy vacation!!!

73 - Steve

General discussion forum / firmware 2.60 - ft100
« on: 2012-07-22, 15:05:04 »
I see new firmware 2.60 supports ft100.

Question is: how?

I haven't found info about that, just a reference in the release notes.

Regards, Steve

General discussion forum / Re: RC 2000 - 0,1KHz step
« on: 2012-02-05, 23:37:14 »
This evening I tested my new home-brew vfo rotary knob.

I keep the RC2000 connected and use the COM2 to connect an "Arduino uno" board with a level converter to comply to RS232.

I connected a 16x2 lcd display (useful now for debugging, don't know if in future I will keep it).

I used a DC motor as rotary knob, it is not precise, but it could be a good choice (at zero money...).
I programmed an analog input ADC to convert the voltage level that goes through motor (connected one side to 3,3v ref and the other side to arduino analog input).

If I turn the knob clockwise the voltage goes down and viceversa, so frequency has been programmed to go down and viceversa by 0,1khz steps.



General discussion forum / Re: Yeasu FT 857
« on: 2012-02-05, 23:18:08 »
 just a bit off topic:

" As I have also a yaesu FT100, and see that now FT857 is supported, there will be a little chance for the 100 to be supported in future? "

tnx, Steve

General discussion forum / Re: RC 2000 - 0,1KHz step
« on: 2012-01-11, 23:19:48 »
In my RC2000 when I switch the vfo knob step changes from 1KHz to 0,01KHz and viceversa.  :(

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