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Is there a programmatic interface (API) or protocol that can retrieve parameters from the RRC-1258? Specifically, I am looking for a way that a contest logger can determine two things:

1. Is the connected radio being operated remotely via RemoteRig?
2. If so, what is the external IP address and/or DDNS string of the remote site?

I need to fetch the information while the RRC-RRC connection is active. These items are human-readable through the Web interface on the Status page, but I want to avoid "screen scraping" to retrieve them.

Thanks & 73,

/Rick N6XI

I am having trouble running RRC-Micro on Win 7 under VMware Fusion. It connects to the remote RRC, turns on the radio, the audio buffer fills, and the audio stream begins. Within a few seconds, the top green buffer bar  (under the label Default) drains down to empty, audio stops, and it takes a second or two for the buffer to refill and audio to start again. It cycles like this continuously.

RRC-Micro receives correctly on the same client-side network on a borrowed Lenovo machine running Win 7. But I don't own that computer and would really like to get RRC-Micro running on this Macbook Pro with Fusion.

I am attaching a Debug log of a session that lasted less than a minute and had several of these dropouts.

Thanks for any ideas you can offer.


/Rick N6XI

Here's a useful little box. There are many such products out there but this one has worked for me and it's inexpensive:
(Note: price is artificially low (US$4) and shipping is several times greater than purchase price but the combination is still reasonable. If you buy two or more, you save a lot of the ridiculous "shipping" price.)

At my remote site I often operate locally. One of these switches lets me switch the K3 RS232 port from the RRC to the P3 without touching the rats' nest of cables behind the rig. It also switches a DIN5 that I plan to use to disable the P3 when I'm not there to see it and disable the Radio RRC when I am there. (That's because the RRC seems to play badly with the K3 KEY line when not fully connected.)

At my control site I sometimes operate locally and use another of these switches at that end.

/Rick N6XI

General discussion forum / Router Crash upon Band Change (!)
« on: 2013-10-15, 19:47:15 »
This weekend I began noticing frequent but intermittent Internet access crashes on my SBC/Yahoo/AT&T 2wire DSL modem/router at my Remote site. At first I was at the Remote site and I attributed the failures to RFI as I had made some cabling changes. I had to leave before tracking it down but left the station in a remotely accessible configuration. Now, operating from the Control site, I have confirmed that the Remote site modem/router is crashing reliably each time I attempt a band change! There may be other stimuli that cause this crash but I haven't characterized them. Band change definitely does it. In time, my auto-ping power switch power cycles the modem/router and things eventually recover so I can try again. The failure is repeatable. Has anyone seen anything like this? Seems pretty weird.

K3 Pair with RRC-1258 MkII boxes at each site was working well until this started happening, coincident with some antenna switching changes that "shouldn't" be a factor in the failures.

Thanks for any ideas you folks can offer.

/Rick N6XI

Since I got computer logging working by connecting the control site PC to the USB port of the Control RRC, my Windows 7 Home Premium O/S has been crashing on most shutdowns with the infamous "Blue Screen of Death." I forcibly power it off and back on and do a "Normal" Windows reboot and all is well. If I unplug the serial cable from the RRC to the PC, the problem does not occur.

I have also noticed that the virtual serial port that I use to access the remote radio from the local site PC logging program tends to fail after a period of disuse even though it stayed alive throughout a four hour Sprint contest. I have a feeling, not proven, that these two behaviors are related. However, it is not necessary that I run the logger (Writelog) to provoke the crash upon PC shutdown.

Has anyone experienced this? I suspect some rare combination of O/S version and other system tray stuff.

/Rick N6XI

Running a K3 Twin setup with thanks to SM2O and DJ0QN for a lot of help. It's working well now but I'm curious why I have to Restart the Control RRC manually each time I power off the rigs. Without that Restart, the units fail to connect ("busy signal").

I have noticed that when the RRCs are connected, the Control RRC Status page reports unusual port numbers for SIP Out, Audio Out and Cmd Out. After power off, the funny numbers persist but after the RRC Restart they are restored to the nominal values and reconnect works fine on the next power on. Is this normal or somehow related to why I have to do the manual Restart?

/Rick N6XI

RemoteRig newcomer here: In normal operation, I only use my K3 sub-rx occasionally, mainly in split pileups. It would be nice to use it this way remotely but I don't want to consume the extra bandwidth when listening only to the main rx. So far, it seems that I have to disconnect the RRCs, change the setting in Remote RRC Radio Settings, Submit, Apply, manually Restart at least the Control RRC and then restart the connection to change the Audio dual-rx setting. Is there some way to do this dynamically, while operating the remote radio?

Thanks & 73,
Rick N6XI

I followed the instructions on pages 58-59 of Rev. A32 of the manual "Remoterig dynamic dns service" to set up the Dynamic DNS settings page of my Remote RRC." I got an Own host name string of and a Username and Password. When I attempt to use this string as the SIP contact string on the Control RRC, it fails to connect. If I use the actual external IP address, the RRCs connect and function properly. Using the Web site ddns status tester, I get "xxxxxxxx not found!" Is the xxxxxxxx... string formed locally? If so, how do I get it into the database? What might I be doing wrong?

Thanks & 73,
Rick N6XI

The Elecraft K3 Remote documentation calls for a null modem cable from the "local" (control) K3 to its RemoteRig RRC. The microbit documentation calls for a standard RS232 cable in this position. Which is correct?

New owner of a pair of MkIIs trying to update to latest firmware:

Installed Setup Manager from Web site OK.
Connected Remote box via USB and drivers all loaded OK.
Setup Manager reported  Version 006, Firmware 2.50, Bootloader 1.9, HW 006.
Found 2.72 firmware on Web site and downloaded to PC.
Pointed Setup Manager to the file ("Select file"), then launched Update.
Setup Manager reported "SW Version successfully retrieved" and "FW/HW Version successfully retrieved," then nothing more happened.
Windows 7 Home Premium reported a "USB device malfunction."
SM Update button is now grayed out, even after SM restart, RRC power cycle, USB disconnect/reconnect.
Found some old correspondence recommending to use Web update process after using SM Setup to specify LAN parameters but can't do this because everything on the Setup tab is grayed out (and it doesn't look anything like the frame capture on Page 29 of User manual Rev. A32.
So I seem to be dead in the water. I could try the other RRC box but I don't want to get it into the same state.

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